Doug Philipon Photography

Hollis New Hampshire Photographer

I have been shooting photographs since the 1970's.... actually earlier if you count the Kodak Brownie Bullet era. Setting the goal to become serious about the craft, I spend a lot of time reading, looking at other photographer's work and trying new ideas. Teaching one self can be both tedious and rewarding.   

Feel free to check out my portfolio

I do owe some thanks to Walter Schnecker at C1M of the best in the industry. He introduced me to fashion photography at the NH Art Institute and several follow up model shoots.  The technical elements of composition, styling and lighting brought this to the next level. I found that editing images became as time consuming as the shoot itself. 

My passion is landscape photography.   Many of these photos are transformed on canvas using oil paint as you will see. I hope you enjoy these images.


For the last several years, I have been painting with a group of friends each week under the direction of Steve Previte. Steve is from Hollis, NH and has been painting and teaching as a professional for many years. Pretty much everything I know about painting, I learned from Steve (along with inspiration from the studio gang.)

I try to paint images that I have shot a couple reasons....I have been there and I have to like the photo.  A painting puts you back in that moment in time. One rarely forgets where a photo was taken, who you were with and where it was. (Every car in every junkyard....I will always remember where it was.)  The other small point is that I do own the image. I am always happy to share an image with another artist to see what they do with it.

Feel free to check out my paintings

...... a quick story

A true story..... I was recently shooting a river around sunset in Newbury, MA.  A rushed park job on a corner and set up with tripod in the middle of a narrow, two lane bridge, the local officer was not very impressed. As I ran back to the car, I figured the photo angle was obvious. When asked for my license and registration, I told him I was an artist shooting a reference for a painting. "And I'm a cop," he said. Still wondering if I sounded stupid, he let me go with a mild scoulding.

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